How is Bounce Rate Calculated ?

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How is Bounce Rate Calculated ?

Postby latha » Tue Oct 20, 2009 11:27 pm

This is a transcript of the video on Google Blog: ... -with.html

Avinash Kaushik & Nick answer user questions regarding Analytics.
Answer: Bounce rate simply means that someone came to your website & did not make a click. It doesn't take the time on site into account.
For Example: If you have an E commerce site then bounce rate means Nobody clicked on any Buy now button

The important fact to remember is that Bounce Rate is Just a Performance Indicator. If you notice that a particular keyword and / or landing page has a very high bounce rate, here is what you can do.

Determine the source of Bounce Rate - This usually translates to Source of Traffic
Check keywords, check referring sites

How to analyze Bounce Rates in Google Analytics ?
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Look at what I found, that's a 100% place Bounce, OUCH :!: , who's the source? It's

What should I do now?

Go and check, find your link, look at why people are not sticking on.
Are you promising one thing & the landing page does not have that piece of information ?
Is the information too less on the landing page?
Is the Landing page plain ugly?
Is the Landing page taking too long to load?
Maybe the landing page does not exist ...
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