Social Media vs Social Networks

Ok so we have reached a point where Social Media and Information needs it own category. Its growing faster than anything and this is where you can put information you have found, articles, and things you would like to share. One knowledge base pointing to all things Social Media!

Social Media vs Social Networks

Postby RaJesh Balakrishnan » Fri Apr 20, 2012 6:00 am

There is no article related to Internet, both online or in print, not to mention something about social media. Much more, few persons aren’t “specialists” in social media and in strategies of advertising based on this entity. It seems that social media is here for a long time, but it appeared just few years ago. The real problem is that nobody may surely state if social media is a fade and in few years any effects will became ignorable or it will be the base of web 3.0. What is really important is that nowadays, social media is very trendy and contemporary and people become more and more interested in it. Unfortunately, the common users of the Internet are somehow ignorant and many cases associate social media with social networks, which is very wrong.

People aren’t always aware that the blogs or even Wikipedia are grouped into various categories of social media. Briefly, by far social media isn’t Facebook or Twitter. To have the big picture of social media I created this post, which presents the main categories of social media. There is no precise or clear standardization, hence don’t consider the classification wrong if you read anywhere else another categorization. The main idea is to get what social media really means and to have strong evidence that social media isn’t just networks to chat with friends.

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