Check if FB Promoted Post Image has over 20% Text

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Check if FB Promoted Post Image has over 20% Text

Postby TylerS » Tue Mar 19, 2013 3:35 pm

Facebook has a policy that it will disapprove any promoted post with an image that has over 20% text.

How do they determine what designates 20%?

They have set up a grid system, placing the image in to a 5x5 grid of 25 boxes.

If text is in a box, the box goes red. Therefore, if more than 4 boxes are red on the image, the post will be disapproved.

Info on the policy here:

What are your thoughts on creating a tool that would check for this?

We have a unique opportunity to create a tool that someone could upload their image to, set it up in a 5x5 grid, and then have the person manually click each box with text in it to find out if it's over 20% text.

This tool could have the potential to virally spread, as it will come in handy for everyone promoting posts on Facebook. I'm thinking if we make this tool and promote it in a blog post we could get a lot of traffic driven to us and it will position us as an information leader in the industry.
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