Click Fraud v. Click Quality Assurance

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Click Fraud v. Click Quality Assurance

Postby priya » Fri Oct 05, 2007 6:20 am

This may appear to be an incredibly obvious comment, but the interest is two fold. Firstly we learn the use of PPC Assurance, and most importantly the value the client has derived from it.

Essentially; not all “bad clicks” are click fraud, and not all bad clicks are really bad. If a click doesn’t match your campaign parameters, then it’s traffic you did not want. But I am sure you would care if you didn’t pay for it. So, where’s the issue with having visitors arrive at your web site from a paid campaign, when you didn’t have to pay for those visitors? With Google’s invalid clicks, this is what you’re getting. Most of them confuse these “acceptable” bad clicks with click fraud”.

Of course, there’s the other problem; knowing which clicks you paid for that didn’t match your campaign parameters. These are what we call “undesired.”

The more potential trouble points will rise in case of larger network. Also the narrower, and more focused a campaign is, the harder it is for the ad network to serve the ads out properly all time. PPC Assurance is all about knowing when the problem exists, and being able to easily resolve these issues.

Just using a normal analytics package doesn’t help you understand which of these clicks you paid for, and which you didn’t. Standard web analytics services are great tools for reporting on user activity within a site, and improving paths through to conversion. This is very different and extremely valuable from “Search Analytics” which is what we do.

PPC Assurance is very different from Click Fraud. The visitor behavior is being analyzed to ascertain if it is normal. In PPC Assurance follows the mechanism to resolve the issue with your service provider incase your ads do not display in accordance with the terms and conditions of your contract.

Click Fraud detection does not provide an evaluation of the quality of the traffic referred by an ad network. PPC Assurance provide everyone with a simple way of knowing every click, and monitoring campaigns so that when problem arise you will know immediately and will be able to resolve the problem without jumping through lot of hoops.

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