Google+ tip: Watch Ripples around the Web

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Google+ tip: Watch Ripples around the Web

Postby huzaifa » Wed Mar 21, 2012 10:48 am

So how many people have shared a particular story or video on Google+? You can build yourself a simple one-click button that'll make it easy to get that info for any page you're viewing in your browser.

In Chrome, just right-click on your bookmarks bar (if you don't see your bookmarks bar, press CTRL-SHIFT-B to make it appear) and select "Add page." Change the page's name to "Ripples," and paste the following code in for the URL:


Now, just click your new "Ripples" button from anywhere on the Web, and you'll see a detailed list of all the public G+ shares for that page.

Pretty handy, eh? :D
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